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iPhone battery exchange is cheap♬


The shop where the iPhone repair data same same day handing over which there is in Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka-shi is OK
(#^.^#) which is Inadome of repair pro Umeda store
Of course, eyephone 6 and 6+, battery exchange such as 5c increases rapidly from 5 recently for 5s.
A power supply falls into having a battery residual quantity still more that decrease of the battery is remarkably bad without permission.
I cannot use it directly when I do not place mobile battery of the carrying around. . .
When battery deteriorates and reaches life, such a symptom becomes always in condition to appear. . .
It is inconvenience  Σ(, ω, ノ) ノ for the that eyephone is used over telephones of a game and the work when it becomes in this way most!
I change battery exchange in our store at reduced prices in a minimum period of five minutes and can hand it! !
In addition, the repair of the screen breaking of the eyephone is completed neatly for approximately 15 minutes, too!